Traffic Management Techniques

The efficient management of traffic is essential if highway capacity and safety are to be maintained. We provide a detailed service supporting the investigation, justification and implementation of a wide range of measures, these include:

Traffic Regulation Orders

We have experience in investigating, assessing and developing a wide range of legislative measures to ensure the safe and efficient movement of road users within the highway environment. These include the delivery of projects including speed restrictions, the prohibition of driving, parking and waiting, together with weight and width restrictions. Orders associated with traffic calming and pedestrian access, including statutory and more detailed public consultation.

Pedestrian and Vulnerable Road user facilities

These include a wide range of potential measures and transport polices. Often, PUFFIN, TOUCAN, PEGASUS and controlled junction facilities are promoted either to deliver identified  stand alone benefits or as integral aspects of wider projects such as Home Zones or School Travel initiatives.

Our experience also includes investigating and developing dedicated  cycle facilities and measures to promote walking and modal transport shift, including public transport and School/Industrial travel plans.

Diversion and Road Works Management

Signing Strategies and risk assessments, advice and inspections regarding NRSWA and 'Chapter 8' operation.

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