Road Safety Audit

We offer a full range of services in this field, having been involved in the development of Procedures and Criteria designed to ensure that maximum levels of value and safety are achieved when new or improved highway schemes are promoted.

Our experience includes maintenance programmes, development lead schemes and major highway improvements. Covering projects from minor junction improvements, pedestrian facilities and the auditing of major motorway junction and by-pass schemes.

All Road Safety Audits are undertaken in line with the most recent advice and national good practice as outlined within HD 19/03(Design Manual for Roads and Bridges).

Our auditors are qualified to the standards required by HD19/03, having a sound background in the Accident Investigation and Prevention arena over many years and having attended numerous courses and seminars in order to keep abreast of developing practices and issues. Full CV's can be supplied on request.

Our lead auditor is an inaugural Member of the Institution of Highways and Transportation's Society of Road Safety Auditors

We appreciate that estimating the cost of this type of work is difficult due to the unforeseen issues that may , or may not arise. Consequently the worst case scenario often applies when costing road safety audits. We believe that clients should only pay for the services they receive, so if a piece of work proves to be easily resolved and completed we have a competitive pricing structure which reflects this. Contact us for further details
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